LITLoad™ Separators

LITLoad® Separators

Due to high demand in the construction industry, the costs of plywood and OSB have risen tremendously. Litco Manufacturing has engineered a cost-effective, custom load separator solution that prevents cargo movement, called LITLoad® Separators. These can be used in multiple ways, such as securing your products as you transport them to your customers and for storing them in your warehouse. Lightweight yet durable, our load separator product will change the way you load and store your products. Our LITLoad separators are the perfect tool to use when optimizing your pallet loading pattern. Our separators replace heavy, hard-to-handle, expensive plywood.

Benefits of LITLoad® Separators

  • Low price that is the same year-round and not subject to seasonal price swings like plywood and OSB
  • Does not spike in price due to construction demand and bad-weather events
  • Lightweight compared to plywood and OSB
  • Easy to handle and easy to use
  • Splinter free material that is clean of debris
  • No cutting necessary
  • Custom-made to size for each application

LITLoad® Separators are the safest way to use load separators as they eliminate the need to saw plywood to fit into containers. They also eliminate the hazard of saw sparks flying near hazardous chemicals.

At Litco Manufacturing, we put our shipping products to the test! Our LITLoad® Separators were put through rigorous testing to protect 55-gallon drums from damage during shipping. They were tested with transporting products from location to location and tested with double and triple stacking products in warehouses. If you’re looking for more product protection options, Litco Manufacturing offers corner protectors, anti-slip rubber mats, and dunnage bags.

Approved for using as a shipping load separator and layer separator by Dow Chemical

Approved for use by the Association of American Railroads (A.A.R.)

After you are finished using our LITLoad® Separators, they can be fully and easily recycled!

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